Amb.Abiodun Olaniyi

Amb.Abiodun Kolade Olaniyi

Amb.Abiodun Olaniyi is an entrepreneur with over 17 years experience. A Chartered business consultant, Strategist and SME Educator  with multidisciplinary background spanning areas of Education, Accounting, Business Communications, Management, ICT, Entrepreneurship, Renewable Energy, Tourism, Market Research & Development.

Olaniyi is a member of a number of local and international professional organizations working on Entrepreneurship studies,Management, Marketing, Education, Market Research & Development, Sustainable Development, Agribusiness and Renewable energy in many countries, including Canada, Japan, USA, UK, Germany and Nigeria. He had got a lot of academic qualifications (Certifications, Bachelors & Post graduate) from educational institutions based in Nigeria, Canada, France, India, Australia, and USA.

He is the founder of a host of companies operating in different sectors (Media & Marketing, Publishing, Agribusiness, Educational Consulting and Travel & Tourism) in the Nigerian economy which includes Abbeydguru Communications Ltd; Jakolgate International Ltd; Bowell Educational Services Ltd; Jakolgate Travels & Tours Ltd. He founded Building Better Africa Foundation to address the issues of pro-poor and sustainable development in Africa.

He was one of the pioneers in the promotion of Jatropha and biofuel crops for bioenergy market development in West Africa. He was a member of the international consultation on Pro-Poor Jatropha development being organized by IFAD, UN Foundation and FAO at Rome, Italy in 2008.

He is currently undertaking various projects geared towards pro-poor studies, Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development and presently working with a group of experts to study ‘The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda: Opportunities for Private Sector in Nigeria.’

He was a recipient of Ambassador of Peace award with Global Peace Foundation and Who is Who of Professionals award with International WHO’s WHO Historical Society USA in 2011.